The Evolution of Startex

Since 1984 Startex has been the trusted name for contractors and contractors needing professional strength solvents, thinners and cleaners . Born in Texas and originally focused on serving the Gulf Coast Region, Startex is now wholly owned by Univar Solutions, a large chemicals distributor capable of delivering products and raw materials anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Over the years, with a commitment to innovation and safety, we have grown and expanded our product line to more than 30 products in a variety of sizing options from 4.5oz containers to 55 gallon drums. We carry staple products like Acetone and Paint Thinner in a variety of packages, and have grown our formulations to include professional grade adhesive removers, hand cleaners, and a full line of VOC compliant products which are nearly as strong as their traditional counterparts. With our own Analytical and Formulation labs, we’re able to continue expanding our line of products, anticipating our consumer needs and delivering superior products for every stage of your home improvement project. With 5 production facilities and over 40 distribution warehouses committed to the Startex name, we are ensuring our retailers and consumer partners can always get the products they need when they want them.

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Conroe, TX

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