Completing your project right starts at the beginning with thoughtful preparation from the beginning. The last thing you want is to apply your coating to later find your stain or paint peeling or bubbling. Before you apply your coating, you want to prepare your clean, dry surface so you get the best adherence of the coating to your surface.

Don’t forget these key reminders when preparing your surface:

  • Make sure your surface is clean and free of dirt, peeling stain, or oily residue.
  • Make sure your surface is completely dry and not in danger of getting wet from rain, mist or overspray during application.
  • Check your paint or coating’s label for the proper temperature for maximum effect during application.

Whether you’re painting a door, restoring a family heirloom with new finish, or distressing a piece of furniture, you can count on a surface prep solvent manufacturer, like Startex, to have the right products to prepare your surface. From liquid paint stripper to acetone, we offer it all.