THE WOODLANDS, Texas, July 31, 2018 — Univar Solutions NASDAQ:UNVR (formerly Nexeo Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXEO)) announced the availability of methylene chloride free alternatives in their Startex® brand of paint strippers. The new products represent a continued effort by the Company to find solutions that meet the challenges faced by customers and end users.

With a commitment to providing quality raw materials and consumer-friendly products, Univar Solutions has reformulated its Startex® Liquid Paint Stripper and Semi-Paste Paint Stripper products with ingredients without methylene chloride.

“As a market leader, it is our responsibility to provide innovative products to customers. We have been working on these alternative formulations for the past two years, and. I am proud to say that we have delivered a high-performing, methylene chloride free option to current products on the market,” said Jason Sanchez, Business Director Co-Pack. “At Univar Solutions, we are excited that our Startex® product line can help set the standard for methylene chloride free paint stripper products.”

The Startex® Liquid Paint Stripper provides a fast, convenient way to remove paint, varnish, lacquer and shellac from wood, metal, concrete, and masonry surfaces, while the Startex® Semi-Paste Paint Stripper provides the same benefits for vertical surfaces.

The Startex product line also includes an environmentally-friendly Green Paint Stripper, which strips paint and coatings from a wide variety of surfaces has low VOC content, and contains no hazardous air pollutants or methylene chloride. The Green product line also complies with California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District and the California Air Resources Board VOC requirements.

About Univar Solutions, Inc.

Univar Solutions is a leading global chemicals and plastics distributor, representing products from world-class producers to a diverse customer base. From product specification to sustainable solutions, the Company goes beyond traditional logistics to provide value-added services across many industries, including chemicals manufacturing, oil and gas, coatings, personal care, healthcare, automotive and 3D printing. The Company leverages a centralized technology platform to identify efficiencies and create solutions to unlock value for suppliers and customers. Learn more at

About Startex

Startex Chemicals, founded in 1984 and wholly-owned by ultimate parent company Univar Solutions, Inc., provides a full line of professional grade solvents, thinners and cleaners for a variety of home improvement projects. The Texas-based brand offers over 30 products in a variety of sizing options, from 4.5 ounce containers to 55 gallon drums, for retailers and customers. Startex products can be sourced through more than 40 locations across the U.S. and Canada, and are found in a variety of hardware, paint and home improvement stores. 






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